Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harvey Update

I thought I would give everyone an update on George and I. First of all for anyone who hasn't heard we are NOT moving to Australia, they have filled the position and we later found out it was a permanent position and are really happy we didn't take the position. We are still both working at the same places and still love it. I am going to the doctor every week and getting allergy shoots to help my body not react to the things I am allergic to. By the time my three to five years of getting two shots in each arm is up I don't think I will have such a fear of needles, HA, HA! My mom has decided that since she has allergies and they are genetic, she is going to take the test as well, I am going to go with her since she was there to support me. Plus I have to take picture's of her!!


Matt, Arien & Pete said...

That does not sound like any fun!! I hate shots, but I guess gettting them done that frequent you'd have to get use to it!! I keep telling Dax to post more pics but he never listens!!Guess we should both keep hounding him!!

Tanya said...

Good dang luck! I did allergy shots for 4 years and I NEVER got used to it. I'd have to like shake the fear off my poor arms as soon as I saw the needles and I'd cringe and clench the "other" hand (becuase your arm should be relaxed.....note to self!!!) LOL!