Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy Post......

I can't believe it I have finally put up some pictures and updates. What I really mean is just a hold on to your seat and get ready to be scrolling alot.

Wyatt Ray McKee

Wyatt Ray McKee was born on January 15th. Here are some really cute pictures of him at the hospital. The first picture that you are going to see is from Eleasha's baby shower is the present that I gave and she just loved it. At least I hope she does even if Wyatt can't wear until next year for how small he is.

Happy Birthday Jovi

Here is some photos of Jovi's third birthday. I can't believe that she is already 3 years old she is so much fun. The first two photos are of Jovi giving me the biggest smile she can. It was so funny she would unwrap one present and then go and get another present didn't care to really look at the present until they were all unwrapped.

While we driving around in Oklahoma City I found some of the really cool looking wall paintings. I mostly took the pictures for my sister who loves just about any art.

The upside down longhorn was a must take photo. We always joked to brother in law that he was way to obsessed with The Sooners and football, little did we know how BIG football really is down south. Needless to say it didn't get us as involved as my brother in law would hope but we do say "go sooner" and even have some cool gear..... We had went to the restaurant Saltgrass and say the upside long horn, this apparently is a ditch on Texas.

Oklahoma Memorial

During our time in Oklahoma we went to the memorial site and so here are some of the pictures that I took. I couldn't believe the since of peace that was there.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yeah, yeah what can I say.... I know that i'm always saying that I have pictures to put up, that I have updates and that I will add them in a few days...... What else can I say except that I am a slacker. There I admited it, boy do I feel better.

Okay I didn't just ad da post to say that I am a slacker... I also wanted to say WELCOME TO THE WORLD Wyatt McKee. That's right Tyler and Eleasha had there little adorable baby boy this morning at 6:40 something. He weighted 5 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches. I do have some pictures of him and I am NOT making any promises that I will post them I will just say that I will try some time in the near future.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It was my niece's 3rd birthday yesterday and I took some pictures. I will put them on, along with all the others that I have on there.

I have decided that my only new's years resolution is to update the blog at least every week if not more, and to take alot more pictures.

So basically this entry is to say that I have alot of updating comming in the next day or two.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I can't believe that it is the year 2009. I remember when I was younger I never thought that I would I live to the year 2000, just because was so far away and here it is 2009 and I am only 27 years old and have alot longer time to live.