Sunday, November 29, 2009

We have really enjoyed being able to spend a lot of time with Jaron, Melia and the Kids. We have also been spending as much time with Chase since he is going on his mission here in the next month. We hope that Jaron, Melia and the kids get home safe. Just beware of the picture overload!


We decided to that since we were all together we would take some pictures. Here some of the fun shots that we got!

Just looks really cool!

First Time

This a picture of us out side of the Mt. Timpanogas temple. This is the day of Chase's first temple session. We are so proud of him.

What more can I say! You gotta LOVE him


Jeffery and Brigham loves to pet and play Rebel who has been a great horse. He just sits still and lets the boys sit and ride them all though nobody else can ride him. Here is a great picture of the boys.

Oviatt Thanksgiving

We had thanksgiving dinner at my parents house on wednesday night. As usual we all had alot of fun. Here are a couple of pictures of that night. The two with Jovi had to get posted because she always has to get out picture taken.


Jeffery loves to go bowling and so we went one afternoon. They had the cutest balls that had holes for all 5 fingers. It was SO cute! Later that night the adults went to one of the best movies "The Blind Side". I recommend everyone should go and see it.

Kamille and I helping.

My best friend Carol moved this last month, so Kamille and I went out Halloween weekend and helped her pack up the old house and then went out two weeks later and helped her unpack all of the boxes that we packed and put them away in the new house. Here are a couple of pictures from the fun times we had. Carol was so tired and so we sent her up to take a nap and all of the kids and us were so noise and having so much fun running around the basement jumping on the mattress. Then baby wanted to hide in one of the boxes that we had unpacked and jumped out, he waited in the box for 15 mins waiting to scare someone. We had alot of fun and can't wait to play with them.

Happy Late birthday Chase!

This is a late post but here you go. I thought I would post a couple pictures of the kids. We had everyone over for Cake and Ice cream and as you can see the boys had to help Chase blow out of his candle. We had a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for coming.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I just had to write since I haven't written for some time. George and I are getting ready to remodel Chase's (the spare bathroom), we finally found a new shower that we could agree on. I should say that we finally both agreed to a shower instead of a bathtub. Next we have to both agree on the new flooring. We have been spending as much time as possible with Melia and the kids. They are so fun and cute. Hannah is all smile's and laughs. Brigham really loves the pups and play do. Jeffery is all about the superheros and the dogs. Melia is just a great mom and sister in law who lets us enjoy spending time with them. We are also looking forward to spending time with Jaron when he comes to visit. We are getting ready for Chase's birthday and also his mission (I have posted the details on his mission call next entry). I have also went out and helped my friend Carol get her house all packed up so that she could get moved into her new house, I like to say that I did the easy job because I didn't have to acutally move her. Other then that we are just being bums. I hope that everyone is doing well. Keep checking back as I am bound to get as many pictures as possible as we try to do as much as possible with the family this month.

Chase and his Mission call

Yes you read the tittle right. Chase has been called to serve a mission to........are you ready? The mission of Roseville, California. We are so proud of him. We know that Chase will do an amazing job and those lives that he touches will NEVER forget him. The only thing that he keeps bragging about now is that in January while we are in the freezing cold he will be in warmer weather. I recorded him reading his letter to us however for 2 days now I have tried to get it to upload.