Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend update

We had two birthday's that were celebrated on sunday.... George and Chase went celebrate Eleasha's birthday at their parents house, while Kamille and I went and celebrated my cousin's little boy's first birthday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have had spring fever so bad this year. I am usually okay with the weather.I try not to be a big complainer. For some reason this year I am ready for the cold weather to disappear and come back in O' another 7 or 8 month's. I am really protesting this year and have started to wear Capri's and sandals and short sleeves, this wasn't bad because we have been reaching 60* or more I mean last weekend I was wearing shorts and it reached 70* and then this week it has SNOWED twice (granted not that much, but still snow is snow). I am all for the snow going and staying in the mountain at this point and not even showing up in the valley, anyone with me...... Therefor I guess I am going to keep hoping that the ground hog chokes on it's dinner if it stays cold. (I think the six weeks are up, right?)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kamille's new mini me

This is a cute video of Jovi jumping on Kamille it so funny....althought Kamille said it really hurt!

This blanket that Kamille and Jovi are playing on and with has been through all of the grand kids and the great grand kids.
I was talking to grandma about it and she said that blanket was suppose to be alot bigger. I just can't believe that how puffy it still is.

You know your a Jazz fan when.......

That's right you know your a Jazz fan when...... You have your satellite painted with the Jazz logo, the sad thing is I didn't get a picture of the Jazz sign or the Jazz room

For those that don't know this is my grandma's house she is one of the biggest Jazz fans that I know. My dad and sister are the ones that painted the satellite.

Great Grandma's

We went to my grandma Oviatt's house to help her move her furniture since she got some new carpet. While we were waiting for the carpet guys to get done we decided to feed the horses some carrots which by the time we were done we had feed them 2 bags of carrots. Here are some pictures that I got.

The funny thing was that we couldn't get the horses to come over at first because they didn't want to leave the fresh hey they were eating..... but we got them to come after throwing some carrot pieces to them.

Headed out to the horses with one bag of carrots
Jovi calling the horse over, it was so cute:)

Jovi showing the horses the carrot she has for them and still calling them, after all of us trying to call them over as well.
This white horse is a huge pig when it came to the carrots. He tried to get most of the carrots.

The brown horse tried to eat the carrots whole. Jovi would get so mad.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009