Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holy Pictures

I just thought that I would give everyone a heads up. I have just posted alot, I mean alot of pictures that I have been meaning to put up on the blog. I do hate to say it but I even more pictures to put up.


After the family reunion my family decided to stop in Moab and go to Hole N' The Rock and to the Arches, here are the pictures from the Hole N' The Rock. We found this really cool truck that was made of license plates and all kinds metal things.

Brother Sister's and Mom

Here are some picture's of mom and her brother and sisters and her mom at the Rigby reunion that we had in Blanding Utah. It was really cool that everyone was able to attend.

This is my aunt Patty, mom and aunt Diane!
This is my aunt Patty, grandma bird, my mom and aunt Diane
This is my grandma Bird, aunt Patty, Mom, aunt Diane, and uncle Doug.
This is my aunt Patty and her husband Bruce, my mom and dad, Grandma Bird, aunt Diane and her husband uncle Paul, aunt MaRee and her husband uncle Doug.

Here are some more pictures from the family reunion.

This is my cousin and her cute little boy and my niece all playing with the
My niece found this hat in the bucket of toys. I just had to take a picture.
My other niece loved to swing, that is all that she wanted to do.
She also had to go down the slide, she just won't go down by herself.
Here are both of my nieces on the swing sets. They play so well together.
My sister taking out my niece for ride, and then it never ended.
Smile for the camera!!
My cousin and and my cousins little boy taking a ride.
My cousin and her little and both of nieces are still playing with
This is my cousin McKenna.

Family Reunion

We just had a family reunion and it was so much fun being down in Blanding Utah. We had some four wheelers and got to ride all over the farm. I had such a blast.

Welcome to the family

My cousin McKenna just got engaged and I thought welcome her fiance to the family. I also want to say congratulations to McKenna and Adam.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandmas House

When we went to Hoogle Zoo, we decided to stop and visit with my grandma. It was so much fun we also went eat lunch with her. My sister and niece came up to visit from Texas. I just put some pictures on the blog from our visit.

This is a better picture of Grandma, Jada and Jen

Grandma and Jadalynn. What my dad would look like as a women.
My dad, yes my dad has a pillow in his shirt.
This is my sister, niece and grandma!
A great picture of my grandma, I love this picture!
Yup that is my sister!!
Jada is showing off on grandma's rocking foot rest!
This is my mom sitting and visiting!

This is my cute niece giving grandma a hug!


I figured out how to do the slide show and thought that I would put up the rest of the pictures from the fun day at the zoo.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yup I did again!!!

I found some really cute links that I can change my background. So we all know what that means, Your right my background will never be the same. That is what I get for looking at all kinds of other blogs. I thought I would give everyone a heads up.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We went to the zoo with my niece and so rather putting another ton of pictures I decided that I wanted to try one of the really cute slide shows that I always see. If I get the slide show to work I have more pictures and will do another slide show, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I just wanted to wish ALL the great men in life a Happy Father's Day!!I hope that everyone had a great day. Thank you so much for all that you do for your family.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Relay for life!!

My mom, sister(Jennifer), niece and I decided to walk a few laps to show our support for Relay for life and all the victims and survivors. Well we ended up walking 5 laps each, and at that point my niece was ready to go home and hang out with grandpa. The three of us decided to back up and was some more laps. By the end of the time the 3 of us walked 10 more laps. Towards the end we also caught up with my other sister (Kamille) and some of her friends decided to walk the last lap with us. In all we walked 40 laps in total for all 9 of us.

My sister (Kamille) friend's mom just passed away from cancer. While walking we found a bag that they had dedicated to her, I had my sister, and her friends stand in front of the bag and took some pictures. I just wanted to tell Ashley how much her and her family are in our prayers and thought everyday. Ashley does and amazing job at taking care of her family.

This is the bag with Ashley's moms name on it. (sorry it is so dark)
This is my sister and her friends, Ashley, Ashley's sister,
Akasha and her husband Cody.

This is another picture of Kamille and her friends in front bag.

And another picture, I am sorry that they are so dark.


I was tagged, thanks Tayna. I think I have answered all the questions, so here I go.

3 Joys:
* Life
* Family
* Dr. Pepper

3 Fears:
* Bee's
* Heights
* My sister chasing me around with a lizard

3 Current obsessions/collections:
* Blogging
* Taking pictures with my camera
* Exercising at Curves

3 surprising facts about me:
* I have a heart mumor
* I am working to pass my insurance test, to be am agent, and own my own business
* Both of my parents are school teachers and I am the worst speller ever.

5 Things on my to-do list:
* Get caught up at work
* Get caught up on my scrapbooking
* Spend as much time with my sister and niece that is up here from Texas
* Pass the test to get my insurance license
* Finish reading the book "Twilight"

5 Jobs that I have had:
* Burgers Unlimited
* Service Booth manager at Smith's
* Deli aisle clerk at Smith's
* Store manager at Payless Shoe Source
* Office manager for Farmers Insurance Agents

5 Places I lived ( I have only lived in 3 places):
* Vernal
* Orem
* Vernal

5 Favorite snacks:
* Dill flavored sunflower seeds
* Choc. Chip Teddy Grahams
* Grapes
* Handi snacks
* Trail mix

5 Things I would do as a billionaire:
* Pay off ALL of my debt
* Pay off my families debt
* Send George and I to school
* Purchase a new home
* Go on a shopping spree

5 Things I love:
* All of my family and friends
* My religion
* My dogs (kids)
* Watching movies and getting to spend some time with my husband
* Scrapbooking, shopping and listening to music
( I know that was more then 5 things but there is just so much that I love)

I tag: Marcie, Krista, Marlie, and Megan!! have fun girls!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I thought that we should say congrats to my sister in law and brother in law on the pregnancy!!!!

Day Time Job

I have decided that I was going to keep my day time job. My sister came over and wanted me to dye her hair, it turned out okay, but I am going to keep my day time job!!!


Here are some more pictures of my arm that shows the update as my arm looks so much better!! Sorry the pictures are kinda fuzzy, but my sister took the picture!!