Sunday, June 8, 2008

Relay for life!!

My mom, sister(Jennifer), niece and I decided to walk a few laps to show our support for Relay for life and all the victims and survivors. Well we ended up walking 5 laps each, and at that point my niece was ready to go home and hang out with grandpa. The three of us decided to back up and was some more laps. By the end of the time the 3 of us walked 10 more laps. Towards the end we also caught up with my other sister (Kamille) and some of her friends decided to walk the last lap with us. In all we walked 40 laps in total for all 9 of us.

My sister (Kamille) friend's mom just passed away from cancer. While walking we found a bag that they had dedicated to her, I had my sister, and her friends stand in front of the bag and took some pictures. I just wanted to tell Ashley how much her and her family are in our prayers and thought everyday. Ashley does and amazing job at taking care of her family.

This is the bag with Ashley's moms name on it. (sorry it is so dark)
This is my sister and her friends, Ashley, Ashley's sister,
Akasha and her husband Cody.

This is another picture of Kamille and her friends in front bag.

And another picture, I am sorry that they are so dark.

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Matt, Arien & Pete said...

Good job! That is awesome to show your support! I did that once & totally loved it.