Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I miss you !!!!

On April 3rd my Mama Jean joined Heavenly Father. I just wanted to write a little note to her. I want her to know that she is missed, but remembered. I know Mama Jean from her daughter that is my best friend Marie. We met at Smith's working in the Service Center, I have to say that we did NOT get along at all at first, then something pulled us together and we have been together since then. We would go up and visit with her parents and have all kinds of fun. We would play games all kind of games and I learned some fun new games, we would have tea parties which were so much fun, most of all she gave me so much love even though I was not a biological daughter. I want to let her know that I love her so much and will miss you!!


What?! That is what George is saying (if he looks at the blog). I came across these pictures from christmas and love that George let me take pictures of him. He was getting ready to go outside and ride the new 4-wheeler that mom and dad bought. I do have to say it was a warm winter day, for Vernal anyways it got up to 17 degrees. For those of you that didn't know the winter this year for us in the basin was horribly cold.

Top Picture

I just had to give alittle history of the picture at the top. This is my niece and my brother's dog watching my brother leave and I happened to catch the moment. I just love how cute and vey Kodaky it is. Jada is now living in Texas.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here are the pictures, I hope you have enjoyed them. Stay tuned for more with the new hair cut!

This is me standing in front of
quilt that I made. (okay my sis did
most of it, thanks Kamille)

Setting up for the reception for
the sister's wedding.

This Averie and I at dinner, You
will see a couple of other pictures of
us together, she loves to have her picture
taken. She is so cute!!
My little sister is graduating!!

(it has been a few years! LIKE 2)

Yes I have Payless tags all over.
Thanks Erin!!

I can get it!! Maybe not.

My best picture yet!!!!!!!

It's the underbite smile, gotta love it.

Averie and I again!! This is
Marie's little girl, She is like my
own. Love you lots Averie!!!!

I thougtht that I would put some more pictures of me on the blog. I was going through some older photos, okay these photos are from over the last 5 or 6 years. I was also thinking about today while I was blow drying my hair that I have had many differnt hair colors and cuts. I have to say it because of my awsome best friend that is a hair stylist, I love that I can sit in her chair and she can do anything and it looks amazing. Thanks so Marie your the best. I have decided to take on challange and this is going to be a huge challange but I thought that I would take on this and find as many pictures that have differnt styles that I have had and will continue to have. I just had her cut my hair and stayed tuned for that picture!!!!

My Weekend!!!

I had a fun weekend. I was able to see some friends from High School. It so nice to talk with them and to see what they have are up to with life. I had a baby shower that my mom and I went to. It was for Monica, she is having a baby girl and she looks so cute. Probly one of the most exciting things would be having to visit with Marcie. We were able to catch up. Then my mom and I went to another party that was fun I was basically gone all day and didn't get home until that night. Then on sunday George and I was able to just hang out and do nothing, just watch tv, play on the computures, and just talk. I love those days I can do that with George.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

LIfe at our house!!

I know that i have been putting alot of pictures on our blog about the dogs so I decided that I would write a quick note and let everyone know what was going on with George and I.
To let you know he has someone that is working with him and so it doesn't seem like he is working as much, even though he is because the guy isn't trained. When he isn't doing projects around the house, he is playing with his computure and haning out with the rest of us.
I am still with Farmers Insurance and busier then ever. I thought that the old agent was busy around this time of year, boy am I so wrong. I get a project done and have four more that I have added to the list. I love it though I don't have to watch the clock and wish the time would hurry.
I am still have NOT passed my test, I have decided that this next I will get the highest passing grade just because I have studied so hard. I know, I know I will schedule the test again.
Other then working George and I are just hanging out, playing with the dogs and hanging with our families.


Cuddles is defintley my dog as you can see (in the few, I mean few pictures of me) Cuddles is right by side. In one of the pictures she was taking my straw out of my drink. Dog's should drink pop, however this dog loves to drink Dr. Pepper I can't believe how well her little nose and ears work she can tell when I am opening a bottle as is right next to me ready for pop. Even though she doesn't really have alot of pop. She tries and accomplishes to get the lid of the pop and will play with that and then tries to get me to put pop in it for her.

Not my dog

Tater Tot is definitly George's dog. While George was sitting and playing on his laptop Tater Tot curled up to him and if you can see he has his paw on George finger. It is so cute!!!

"The Secret Affair"

George and I were at his mom and dad's house when Chase's girlfriend came over to give him a present. George caught some great pictures of Chase and Nashelle that make it look like they are having an affair. Thought it would be something fun to post on the blog. Hope that everyone enjoys the picture.

Friday, April 18, 2008

As you have read I work for Farmers Insurance and we have a new agent that has joined the company. He is working in the same office building as my agent and I . We just had a Home and Garden show that we had a booth at, I had made some signs to hang up. This is the sign that I made for the new agent. As you can tell he likes it.


That would be the car that I would love to have some day. I was able to get these pictures in a parking lot. Isn't it a beauty. If you have watched gone in 60 seconds then you should remember this car. It is a 1967 Shelby GT 500.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank You

I have been thinking alot the last few weeks about the men and women that serve our country. I just wanted to thank you to you and your family for the wonderful service that you do for our country and other countries. May god be with you and your family.

Hair Cut

Here are pictures of the dogs and their hair cuts. They look so cute. The bows in Cuddles hair lasted for about an hour after we got home.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Much to See

One of Cuddles favorite things to do is to watch everything, She loves to watch out of the screen door or sit on the back of the couch. Here are some of the that we have caught of her doing what she does best!!

Ball O' Ball where have you gone

Here are pictures of Tater looking for his ball. I can't believe how determined he is, these pictures are just some evidence of the places that he will go. Yes he is in our clothes hamper looking for his ball, then he is also on my night stand looking, and the last pictures are of him looking at his ball on the book shelf, the book shelf is about the only place that is safe that he hasn't figured out to get the ball, yet anyways!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tater and George

Here George and his dog Tater Tot, As you can see these two are best of friends. Taters tail will really get wagging when George get home, almost as much as when he has his ball. It is so funny to see how Tater know that if he takes his ball to George that George will throw it.