Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Weekend!!!

I had a fun weekend. I was able to see some friends from High School. It so nice to talk with them and to see what they have are up to with life. I had a baby shower that my mom and I went to. It was for Monica, she is having a baby girl and she looks so cute. Probly one of the most exciting things would be having to visit with Marcie. We were able to catch up. Then my mom and I went to another party that was fun I was basically gone all day and didn't get home until that night. Then on sunday George and I was able to just hang out and do nothing, just watch tv, play on the computures, and just talk. I love those days I can do that with George.

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Ben and Marcie said...

Karyn, I had so much fun catching up with you too! It was so good to see you and your mom. I'm glad you have a blog so we can keep in touch better!