Thursday, April 24, 2008

LIfe at our house!!

I know that i have been putting alot of pictures on our blog about the dogs so I decided that I would write a quick note and let everyone know what was going on with George and I.
To let you know he has someone that is working with him and so it doesn't seem like he is working as much, even though he is because the guy isn't trained. When he isn't doing projects around the house, he is playing with his computure and haning out with the rest of us.
I am still with Farmers Insurance and busier then ever. I thought that the old agent was busy around this time of year, boy am I so wrong. I get a project done and have four more that I have added to the list. I love it though I don't have to watch the clock and wish the time would hurry.
I am still have NOT passed my test, I have decided that this next I will get the highest passing grade just because I have studied so hard. I know, I know I will schedule the test again.
Other then working George and I are just hanging out, playing with the dogs and hanging with our families.


T-Mc said...

Sounds like a lots keeping you guys busy. Especially those dogs! I love your new look for the blog!

George and Karyn said...

Yea we stay busy. The two dogs are such a big part of our life and i don't know what i would do without them. I love to go to George's parents when they have new puppies. I don't know what the dogs will think when she has all of the new puppies running around.

Harvey Family said...

We love seeing a post about you and George! We love you guys and miss ya lots. Can't wait to see y'all.