Friday, May 30, 2008


I just thought that I would let everyone that my arm looks great and just looks like i have 48 random freckles or something. It has quite itching, which is great!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay to kinda recap. I was looking at the blogs that I did last night, ( after my allergy shots, I kinda think they got to my head alittle ).

To start of my back is completly clear and does not itch or anything, My arm is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I still have a welts but they look more like masquito bites, that really itch. You can however see where all 48 needles pooked me.

The last box is of grandpa and Jovi at the "nemo" pond looking at all the nemo fishes, two little ducks decided to play in the pond and so she started to call then "Nemo ducks". Kids are so funny and have such great imaginations, I wonder what happens to us when we are older???

Then my parents took them, my sister Kamille, my niece Jovi and I up to Red Canyon Lodge for dinner, On the way home a little light bulb clicked and said you have your camera why not take pictures to entertain Jovi. That is where ALL of the pictures of 3 silly girls come in to play..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Allergy Shots

I went had an allergy test today and well lets just say out of the 48 shots I am allergic to 45 things, most of then grass, trees, shrubs and weeds. I have to go and get another test, best thing is it will only be anywhere from 4 shots to 15 shots to test for food. Here are some fun pictures to really show the result. They say my arm can stay like this for up to 2 weeks.

Yup i am defintily allergic.
Here is goes and goes and goes.
This is my arm that shows yes I am in fact allergic to alot.

I am almost done getting all 48 shots in my arm!! I can do it?

This is another view of me getting pooked 48 times?!?!?!?!

This is my back that got pooked 46 times.

This is another view of my back.

Car Ride!!!!!

On our way home from Red Canyon Lodge we decided to entertain our selves by taking picture's well as you can see we have had alot of fun!!!!!!!!! We should that more Jovi Ovi loved it and wanted more and more pictures taken.

"Nemo Duck"

My sister took out to Red Canyon Lodge for dinner tonight and it was so much fun!! My really cute niece kept us laughing at her!! She found some duck at the little pond that they were playing in the water and so she called them "nemo duck"!!!!!!

This is Jovi smiling as big as she can for me to take a picture!! She did a great job.

Here "nemo duck", here "nemo duck"!!! That is what Jovi is saying...

Jovi Ovi has just found her "nemo duck"

Jovi was having so much fun looking at all of the "nemo's"

This is my dad at dinner, I love this picture because of the smile on his face!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Diploma time!!!

We grapped video of Chase getting his "diploma". He is such a funny guy!!!

Congratulation Kyler

This is my friends little bother, he also graduation. I just wanted to say congratulation to him!!! I can't believe that he graduated.

Graduation Picture's

Here are some pictures of Chase's graduation. They are also of Chase and Nashelle, then George, Chase, and Dad. Way to go Chase we are so proud of you!!!