Tuesday, May 20, 2008


George and I went out with both of my best Friends Carol and Marie. Here are some pictures of them and the families. They are such great Friends and thank you for all that you do for me. It was fun dinner even if we did pull a big prank on them and telling that we were moving to Australia. It was so funny, but boy was Marie really mad, Averie was even mad just because she hasn't been to my house yet. Again I love you guys, thanks for everything.

Carol and her kids
My best Friend the Hottie also known as Carol

Payton who is Carols boy, I started calling him Payton Sawyer

Hailey she is my other best friend daughter.

My best friend Marie, she is so cute!!

Marie's youngest Brinley she is so cute.

Averie, She was tyring to avoid getting her picture taken, ha ha I got it.

Marie, Dax, Brinley, and Averie

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