Sunday, May 11, 2008

The player that I know

Korver, I only know of him because he looks like Ashton Kutcher.
I know Kirilenko, I also thought he was from Germany, but was told he's is really from Russia.

I also know of Okur, just because he is from Turkey.

I also know Boozer, or known as Booooooozer. He is a big part of the Jazz most of the shoots that I took were of him, that may also be because he is really hot.

I don't know that many Jazz players, I know that is bad, I did however know a few. Williams being one of them.


T-Mc said...

Did you guys actually get to go and see David sing??

George and Karyn said...

David only sang the National Anthem! He did a great job. But no he didn't do a whole concert or anything.

The ZELAYA'S said...
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The ZELAYA'S said...

Karyn- How are you? i haven't seen you forever!! Hows your mom and dad? I miss them so much they are such a sweet couple. Well keep in touch I'm glad I found you on here.