Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay to kinda recap. I was looking at the blogs that I did last night, ( after my allergy shots, I kinda think they got to my head alittle ).

To start of my back is completly clear and does not itch or anything, My arm is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I still have a welts but they look more like masquito bites, that really itch. You can however see where all 48 needles pooked me.

The last box is of grandpa and Jovi at the "nemo" pond looking at all the nemo fishes, two little ducks decided to play in the pond and so she started to call then "Nemo ducks". Kids are so funny and have such great imaginations, I wonder what happens to us when we are older???

Then my parents took them, my sister Kamille, my niece Jovi and I up to Red Canyon Lodge for dinner, On the way home a little light bulb clicked and said you have your camera why not take pictures to entertain Jovi. That is where ALL of the pictures of 3 silly girls come in to play..

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T-Mc said...

Those are some cute pictures of you guys! I like the Nemo Ducks! I cannot believe how many shots you had to get. OH, you look so sore. I hope it goes down soon.