Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harvey Update

I thought I would give everyone an update on George and I. First of all for anyone who hasn't heard we are NOT moving to Australia, they have filled the position and we later found out it was a permanent position and are really happy we didn't take the position. We are still both working at the same places and still love it. I am going to the doctor every week and getting allergy shoots to help my body not react to the things I am allergic to. By the time my three to five years of getting two shots in each arm is up I don't think I will have such a fear of needles, HA, HA! My mom has decided that since she has allergies and they are genetic, she is going to take the test as well, I am going to go with her since she was there to support me. Plus I have to take picture's of her!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dogs Update

I figured I hadn't posted anything about the dogs (kids) for some time. They are doing really well.

Cuddles loves to go outside just to be outside, she will go to the door so I will let her out thinking she needs to potty, nope she just wants to go outside.

Tater likes to hang outside the only problem he likes to hear his voice more then anything. He would rather stay inside and chew on his bone.

The pictures below are of them watching George. Cuddles was helping taking the rocks away, just not to the right spot she enjoyed playing with the rocks.

I have some more pictures from that day that I will post tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been swimming not once but twice in the new swimming pool at the new rec. center. I just combined the days into one for the pictures. It was alot of fun to hang out with my niece and sister.

This is Jada putting her under the water, she did a good job!
This was Jada's favorite thing, we throw back and forth.
I am being the doliphin and Kamille was the shark chasing us!
Kamille is getting ready to hold me up with my arms.
That's right Jada is plugging Kamille's nose so they can go under the water.
She kept doing this to both of us.

All three of us going around the Lazy River, we went around and around
We are sticking our tonge out at the camera!
Jada is putting water on my head, she can stop!
Jada is waiting for us to come down the big slides so that we can go play
We made it down the slide finally and as you can see she is ready to go and
play some more!

I DON'T want to leave, why can't we stay longer?!
Let's go!!!
Just relaxing!
You can't catch me!
I did this once and she wanted me to do it over and over!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jada's Photo Session

Here are some great pictures that I took when we decided it would be fun to go up in the mountain to a great little place that has awsome food, Red Canyon Lodge. I split up all the pictures into two different albums.

Jada's second set of pictures

Here is the second set of photos from the pictures that we took of Jada while she was here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Almost that time?!

It's almost that time that my niece has to go home to her mom in Texas. Jada has been staying with my parents since June. I have to say there hasn't been a dull moment with her around. I will miss watching her tell us a story, she uses facial expressions with just about every word, she has decided that she loves having her own photography session. I am afraid that we are going to have to send one of the dogs home with her as they are attached at the ankle, she is about the one that he will listen to. We will miss her dearly and hope that she can come and stay with us again next summer. Hint, hint, cough, cough, (Jennifer and Zam). Love you Jada and thank you so much for a great summer, we have memories that will last forever.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jada Picture's

With my niece in town we, (my dad, sister, and I) thought it would be fun to go up in the mountain and take some pictures of Jada. I have alot more and will post then in a slide show soon. These are just a few of my favorite ones.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Higher, Higher!!

My niece loves to get pushed on the swing she is always saying push me higher. My dad came over with her and he sat down and said Jada push me, then he keep saying higher push me higher. I was able to catch some pictures of Jada pushing Grandpa!!

Jet Skiing

I went out and helped my friend get all moved into her new home. Then somehow we ended up jet skiing, I still don't know how we ended up doing that ha, ha. I had so much fun.Since I got home I have trying my hardest to convince George that we should get some jet skies. Let's just say that isn't going well at all.

Ride 'em cowboy

Yes it is true I love to go to rodeo's. It's apart of my family history, my dad was a rodeo clown many years ago and we have been going to rodeo since then. I love that I can take pictures with my great camera, again thanks babe.


We went to the rodeo.

Third and final Zoo album

Here is the third and final album of the zoo trip!!

Zoo album two

Here is another album of pictures from the zoo trip that we went to with the family.