Friday, July 11, 2008

Better late then never!!!!

I know that this is a late post to be talking about Independence Day!! As the saying goes better late then never.
All this month I haven't stop thinking about all the service men and what they do for not only our country but other countries as well. I just wanted to let any of then know that I am truly thankful for your service but also thankful for what your families go through while your away. I don't think we understand what you really do for all us.
I know that this is no comparison to what your lives are really like, but I watch a show called Army Wives. A great show that shows what the families have to do while their loved one is fighting for something they believe in. That is just one example of how I have been thinking about this subject, another is of course being July. My goal is to not only think of these fine men and women in the month of July but the rest of the year.
Therefore if no one has said thank you for what you do and believe in please know that my husband and I are grateful.

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