Friday, July 4, 2008

Eagle Scout

Chase Harvey just had his eagle court of honor! We are so proud of him even though some of us didn't think he would accomplish this goal at times, towards the bottom are some of the people that helped Chase along the way.

This is Chase taking the Oath to becoming a Eagle Scout.
This is Burt aka Uncle Burt, He was the presenter of Chase getting his eagle scout badge.
Here is a picture of Chase with Grandpa and Grandma Harvey, also dad and Uncle Burt.
This is a picture of two big trouble makers.

These are the some of the great people that have helped Chase along the way!!

This is Quin Dickson, he is such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you so much for all that you do for chase and the family.
Here is another example for Chase, Blair Vance.
This is another great example for Chase his name is Jerry Young, Jerry had so many great stories of what they did in scouts.
This the late Det. Kevin Orr. He is a great example that helped Chase with so much for more then just scouts. We all miss you!

Here is a picture of mom and dad. I know that they are such a great example and pushed him, even if he didn't feel that was always the case.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you this is very nice. Det. Orr's Daughter.