Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think, I think that spring/summer may be here

Finally... the sun is out and shining. You are opening up the windows to get some fresh air and you don't have to wear the big bulky coats.

It has been so nice with the weather being at high 60's and low 70's. My grass is almost green, the flowers are starting to bloom.... I think that we have the beautiful spring/summer season!

I am so happy I just can't contain myself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday

George's grandma Harvey and aunt Deon just celebrated their 75th birthday... Yes they are twins. We had a big celebration for them it was so much fun to get meet alot of family that i haven't had the opportunity to meet. Here are some fun pictures that I took, beware of the picture overload!

Getting ready to open the presents!
Uncle Paul got both grandma's the family crest!

Books were made for both grandma's filled with memories!

Birthday Cakes were made by Aunt Pam!

Uncle Clifford's new hair... What do you think?

Kaila is enjoying her crappy frappy (this is a must at any of our family functions)

Aunt Veon and her kids.

Grandma and her kids.... sorry aunt Dawn I loved this picture of you and had to post it!

Grandpa and the boys

Grandma and the girls

All of Aunt Veon and grandma's kids

Aunt Veon and grandma with all of the kids

Hill Air Force Base

When we went to SLC city on Saturday to go to Grandma Harvey's and Aunt Veon's 75th birthday party we got there really early and decided to pay a visit to Hill Air Force Base and took a look around since we haven't been for a visit in some time. Here are some picture's of our little visit!

Here is an old radar system and they had a plane that use to carry the president of USA

Funny signs that was on display... We also found a picture of Maj. Rigby (I think we are related to him, but not 100% sure)

Chase and George are ready for take off!

Some picture of the planes on display

Some more pictures

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I just wanted to say that we LOVED movie. I just hope that they will make more of them.

Friday, April 3, 2009


A year ago a very generous, loving, caring and funny loved one was taken away from us on earth and has continued to watch over us from heaven. I was remembering my Mama Jean today and everything that she taught me in just the short time that I got to know her, she loved me as one of her own even tho I wasn't a real member of her family, she always welcomed me with open arms when I needed someone and didn't really know that i needed someone she seemed to know and understand. I know that her legend is living on with her family and her wonderful kids who also have welcomed me no matter what with open arms.

I want to say thank you Mama Jean for everything you have done for me. This picture was taken at her daughter's(who is my best friend and is following her mom example) sealing.

So Long Farwell

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to a great T.V. series. I have watched E.R. since the first episode and have really enjoyed each and every character the good and even the bad ones.

I can't wait to go and watch this movie... Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and fast cars.... What more can a girl ask for! HEHE