Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hill Air Force Base

When we went to SLC city on Saturday to go to Grandma Harvey's and Aunt Veon's 75th birthday party we got there really early and decided to pay a visit to Hill Air Force Base and took a look around since we haven't been for a visit in some time. Here are some picture's of our little visit!

Here is an old radar system and they had a plane that use to carry the president of USA

Funny signs that was on display... We also found a picture of Maj. Rigby (I think we are related to him, but not 100% sure)

Chase and George are ready for take off!

Some picture of the planes on display

Some more pictures


Tanya said...

Oh my kids love this place! maybe we'll go this weekend, but we'll have to see. They ask everytime we get on or off the freeway there, which is often! LOL!

DJCannon said...

No fair! When we went a while ago, we didn't get to see the radar or the helicopter or sit in the flight chair. When I asked Dave about your pictures, he said that there was a whole gallery closed when we went, so that's why. Looks like tons of fun, though!