Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday

George's grandma Harvey and aunt Deon just celebrated their 75th birthday... Yes they are twins. We had a big celebration for them it was so much fun to get meet alot of family that i haven't had the opportunity to meet. Here are some fun pictures that I took, beware of the picture overload!

Getting ready to open the presents!
Uncle Paul got both grandma's the family crest!

Books were made for both grandma's filled with memories!

Birthday Cakes were made by Aunt Pam!

Uncle Clifford's new hair... What do you think?

Kaila is enjoying her crappy frappy (this is a must at any of our family functions)

Aunt Veon and her kids.

Grandma and her kids.... sorry aunt Dawn I loved this picture of you and had to post it!

Grandpa and the boys

Grandma and the girls

All of Aunt Veon and grandma's kids

Aunt Veon and grandma with all of the kids


JoAnn said...

Hey, I had to comment because that was the seetest post! You're the best!

JoAnn said...

I meant the sweetest! I was in a hurry to write that becasue I am at work!!

DJCannon said...

Love all the pictures! I need to get the ones of Kaila from you.