Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here are the pictures, I hope you have enjoyed them. Stay tuned for more with the new hair cut!

This is me standing in front of
quilt that I made. (okay my sis did
most of it, thanks Kamille)

Setting up for the reception for
the sister's wedding.

This Averie and I at dinner, You
will see a couple of other pictures of
us together, she loves to have her picture
taken. She is so cute!!
My little sister is graduating!!

(it has been a few years! LIKE 2)

Yes I have Payless tags all over.
Thanks Erin!!

I can get it!! Maybe not.

My best picture yet!!!!!!!

It's the underbite smile, gotta love it.

Averie and I again!! This is
Marie's little girl, She is like my
own. Love you lots Averie!!!!

I thougtht that I would put some more pictures of me on the blog. I was going through some older photos, okay these photos are from over the last 5 or 6 years. I was also thinking about today while I was blow drying my hair that I have had many differnt hair colors and cuts. I have to say it because of my awsome best friend that is a hair stylist, I love that I can sit in her chair and she can do anything and it looks amazing. Thanks so Marie your the best. I have decided to take on challange and this is going to be a huge challange but I thought that I would take on this and find as many pictures that have differnt styles that I have had and will continue to have. I just had her cut my hair and stayed tuned for that picture!!!!

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Marie said...

love the pic. so cute!