Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandmas House

When we went to Hoogle Zoo, we decided to stop and visit with my grandma. It was so much fun we also went eat lunch with her. My sister and niece came up to visit from Texas. I just put some pictures on the blog from our visit.

This is a better picture of Grandma, Jada and Jen

Grandma and Jadalynn. What my dad would look like as a women.
My dad, yes my dad has a pillow in his shirt.
This is my sister, niece and grandma!
A great picture of my grandma, I love this picture!
Yup that is my sister!!
Jada is showing off on grandma's rocking foot rest!
This is my mom sitting and visiting!

This is my cute niece giving grandma a hug!

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