Monday, November 9, 2009

I just had to write since I haven't written for some time. George and I are getting ready to remodel Chase's (the spare bathroom), we finally found a new shower that we could agree on. I should say that we finally both agreed to a shower instead of a bathtub. Next we have to both agree on the new flooring. We have been spending as much time as possible with Melia and the kids. They are so fun and cute. Hannah is all smile's and laughs. Brigham really loves the pups and play do. Jeffery is all about the superheros and the dogs. Melia is just a great mom and sister in law who lets us enjoy spending time with them. We are also looking forward to spending time with Jaron when he comes to visit. We are getting ready for Chase's birthday and also his mission (I have posted the details on his mission call next entry). I have also went out and helped my friend Carol get her house all packed up so that she could get moved into her new house, I like to say that I did the easy job because I didn't have to acutally move her. Other then that we are just being bums. I hope that everyone is doing well. Keep checking back as I am bound to get as many pictures as possible as we try to do as much as possible with the family this month.

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