Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here are the rules!
1: Link to the person that tagged you.
2: Post the rules on your blog.
3: Write six random thing about yourself.
4: Tag six random people at the end of your post
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5: Let each person know that they have been
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6: Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

The six random things about me are......
1:Everyone knows I HATE needles no surprise so far! I was bored or stupid NOT sure which
one, but I figured out how many shots I have had and how many more I get to look forward to,
I have had 124 shots so far and only have 5,280 more to go!! Please remember this is just
for the allergy shots.

2: BEES, I can handle snakes, spider, and rats (as long as I don't have to touch them), but when
it comes to bees I am terrified of them. I'm that retarded person that is running and ducking
from them.

3: Reality Shows I am a sucker for them. I am not why but I love to watch the MTV series
The Hills!

4: I love to look and try to be all FASHIONABLE, I have the magazines to prove it. I know I
don't dress like someone with lots of fashion, but I sure try.

5: I know that I get after my brother in law and my husband about SPEEDING, but I can't
I have a confession, I really like doing it as well. I really enjoy the little rush you get from
beating someone off the line at a light. Now please know this isn't something that I don't do
ALL the time, and I will try and let off on my brother in law and husband.

6: PHOTOGRAPHY I love to take pictures I have my camera on me all the time! I also love to
take those photos and scrapbook. I just need to get caught up on all my scrapbooking.

Now the six people that I tag are....... Eleasha, Megan, Arien, Jamie, Marcie and Toyna!!!


Kaysie Lee said...

Hey Karyn, just thought I'd say hi. Looks like you have had a great summer. So much fun. So the thing about needles is crazy! They had never bothered me,but I have to say I think I would feel the same if I had to had that many shots!

Matt, Arien & Pete said...

ok I did it! Check out my blog!