Friday, August 29, 2008

Quirky Things

I was tagged by my great sister in law Melia some time ago and I really had to think about this, so here it goes, six quirky things about George and I.......

1: George and I are big fans of the Sci-Fi channel, yes the Sci-Fi channel. We are both bumped
that Stargate Atlantis is not coming back.

2: George loves ice cream, he has to have a bowl almost every night before bed.

3:George and I don't buy presents for each other for birthday, anniversary, or the holidays. We
haven't done that for going on 7 years!

4: I have the best husband, he does alot of the housework around the house, this is true.
Helps me out so much. Thanks so much babe.

5: George is great on computers, me NOT so much. Which is okay with me, I just know that I
can call him with any questions and he can walk me through it.

6:Things you can always find in our house are, ice cream, ketchup, and ranch.


Ben and Marcie said...

That was funny to read. We almost always have ice cream in our freezer too, which isn't a good thing, because I love it too!

Harvey Family said...

So glad you did this! I love reading funny things about people. You two are great. We miss ya!

Tanya said...

Very fun to get to know little things about people. Thanks for sharing yourself! hee hee