Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where did all this water come from?........

I went out to turn on the hose and found that our pipe had some water coming out of it (the black pipe) so I went and put the water on my flowers and went in to tell George so he came out and took a look next thing you know (about half hour) this is how much water we had.....

So George go on the phone to call the property manager, this city and plumber just anybody that could turn of the water so that we could fix it.

Our wonderful neighbor's had a little tool that we could use to turn off the water, he also got a hold of his brother to come and get it taken care of. However the wonderful husband and brother in law that I have had already started to get to work so that they could find out where the water was coming from.
Here are a couple of funny picture's of them turning the water off.

Needless to say I was lucky that I had filled my pot of water up for the potatoes and had cooked everything else. We were out of water the rest of the night, but the property manager was really great and felt bad that we had already started to fix the problem (George explained that they grew up with a do it yourself dad and learned from him) We now have water and don't have to use the bottled water to brush our teeth or wash our hands.

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