Sunday, May 10, 2009


It was such a nice day outside we decided to take the dogs out for a little while and let them play their favorite game. We all know how OCD Tator is about the game, however this year Cuddles seemed to like almost just as much as Tator. We just hope that she continues to love the game so that she won't go into her old bad habit of chasing Tator and pulling his ears or biting his feet. The best part about playing this game is it makes them very tired and so they sleep.

Oops Cuddles got distracted and lost her ball and so George had to go and show where her ball landed for her. She doesn't listen for when it drops she watches and so if she get distracted at all she looses the ball.

Both of them being very patient for George to throw the balls!

Tator got his ball and headed back for it to be thrown again, the funny thing is that he puts it in your hand and makes sure it's in your hand and then off he is before you can even throw it. He is really fast and loves every minute of it.

Cuddles is bringing back her ball ready for some more as well.

This is what happens after it all!

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DJCannon said...

Wish my kids would tire that easily! They are cute.