Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I DID it....

I was able to put my book down for some time tonight so that I could update my blog finally... I am sorry to anyone who does follow this blog and haven't been able to see what is going on with us.

I wanted to change the subject alittle about this series that I am reading... I hope that anyone who is or has read this series will leave me some comments. I basically just wanted to say I think anyone wants to read a great new and updated "Romeo and Julet" story should read this series. I wasn't sure about reading the book just because for any of you that know me know that I DO NOT READ, but since I am spending 1/2 in the doctors office getting my allergy shot I thought why not read the book...... Needless to say I can't put the darn book down I am almost done with the second book.


Kaysie Lee said...

I think that any reading is good, and I am also reading the twilight series(who isn't). I love reading, but I usually gravitate to more serious books. This series is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Right now I can't get my mind around serious books. With a five month old I'm lucky if I get to read Mother Goose, or Whiny the Pooh. So this series has picked up the slack. I am in the middle of the second book right now. I find myself reading it when ever I have some spare time.

Matt, Arien and Pete said...

I was the same way! I am totally not a reader at all, but Sage got me reading this series and I could not put them down! I think I read all 4 of them in less then 2 weeks! Crazy! Now I find myself reading lots of stuff. After this series you should read The Host,its not as intense but definatly worth reading, if you can get thru the first 100 pages!