Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I thought that it was time for a update. We had the joy of having Jada come up from Texas for about a month and half. We had so much fun doing lots of sleep overs, playing with cousins and friends, playing at he park, visiting family, going to see grandpa Birds grave, going to Hoogle Zoo and then also the Parade's. I have to say beware of the giant post, they are also kinda all mixed up.

Jada, Kamille, Angie, Lissa and Jovi and I were waiting for the 4th of July Parade and the Rodeo Parade. The girls really enjoyed it until it started getting alittle to long but then the horses came along and they got all excited again.

Jada spent just about every evening and then usually ALL weekend at my house... We did all kinds of things this is one fo Jada and her friend Angel at the park on evening.

This another day at the park. We did alot and she loved every minute of it.

Sorry Kamille I had to.....

Jada being a Parrie Dog at the zoo.

Jada getting ready to ride the train at the zoo.

What can I say.... I was trying to show Jada what to do.

Jada had to get a picture of her on the Gorilla. You can't tell but I am behinde her holding her up, I let go for 2 seconds and she flipped out so I had to stay there.

The Tiger was in the water and I was able to get this great photo of him.

Jada need a picture on the cats as well.

The night before we went to the Hoogle Zoo we decided to go the small Willow Park Zoo in Logan. We discovered that not only did Kamille and I hate the Peacocks but so does Jada. While we were at Hoogle Zoo we decided to get this picture of Jada with the peacock behind the glass and as you can tell she is not happy that I had her do it as soon as I got the picture she was out of there.

Jada trying to get her picture in the lion head. Now you see why aunt Karyn had to show her how to do it.

We had a family reunion at my Uncle Doug's house in Newton and they had a slip and slide for the kids they had so much fun. Jada loved being there and seeing all the family and playing with the cousins. Thanks again Uncle Doug and Aunt MaRee for the great time.

While we were headed up to Newton we decided to stop by and visit Grandpa Bird. This is Jada standing next to his headstone. We sure do miss you Grandpa.

This is just a random picture of one night that Jada was over at my house. I had to snap a picture of her "holding" my Strawberry Shortcake doll. (This is one that my Grandma Oviatt had her house that the girls always fought over and Grandma let me have her, I had so much fun with my cousins and this doll sure does bring back all those memories I said holding because I told Jada she could play with it outside and so she said she woudl just hold it.) That is also my dog Tater who just loves Jada when ever she comes (she lets him lick her, and we don't) but he doesn't leave her side at all it is so cute.

Jada and Jovi both staying at my house one weekend and we had just got done mixing the cookie batter and they wanted to lick off the extra batter. They are such great helpers and love coming and making cookies. They are also such a great examples to me. One the weekends they wanted to make cookies and take to George's grandpa and whenever they came over they always wanted to go and visit George's grandpa and would talk to him and give him hugs. I just know at there age if I didn't have to go and see older people I was okay with that and here are these two that could get enough of it.

This is us at Bufflo Bills grave. Jada had to get a picture on the horse.

Dad, my Grandma Oviatt and I were the ones that went and got Jada from Texas. (It was a long 4 day trip) This is one the way back when were so happy to see the Colorado, we could at least see mountain's again. So we had to get a picture under the sign like every other tourist.

We also were able to go to the Capulin Volcano. Here is a picture of Grandma standing in front of the Volcano.

Here is Jada standing in front of the Volcano. She thought is was so cool.

We had found this Border Collie not chasing a Parrie Dog but acutally hearding it. It was so much fun to watch.

Yay!! We are leaving New Mexico!

But before we could leave Texas dad found this bored to stick your heads so since dad made Grandma and I do on our way in we made Jada do it on the way out.

This my grandma in the car on the way to Texas she was telling all kinds of stories from her growing up and my dad growing up. That so much fun to hear all the stories.

My parents also had puppies and so we went over and would get our "puppy lovin" as we called it. Here is a picture of Kamille getting her "puppy lovin".

Just a picture of the sky that I got that was really cool. I believe it was over Strawberry.

Kamille and I decided last minute to run to Orem and have a little fun. We ran into my mom who had Jovi and she wanted to come with us and so here she is playing with the stickers we got her. She was so good on this trip she didn't complain once and she didn't ask for anything and I think she came away with more then she would have other wise. We had so much fun and now she keeps asking when are going to do it again.

We took her to Krispy Creme's this is her watching the doughnuts.

Well as I said this would be a long post and sadly there are many more pictures that I could have put up but decided this was enough. I don't think I will take as long next time to update. We hope that everyone is doing well with their lives.


Ben and Marcie said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun with Jada here, I bet you were sad to see her go home!

Tanya said...

Looks like you had tons of fun with your niece! :) Such fun to be tourists..!