Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The grinch

Yup that's me this year! I have the hardest time getting into the holiday season, I have tried to listen to Christmas music and get nothing maybe if I would have put up some Christmas decorations. Then I go and look at others blogs and read such great stories of people giving and sharing the story of Christ's birth and get all warm and fuzzy. I just looked at a blog and read a story about her and her family delivering goodies to the neighbors and family and friends, they had delivered to a neighbor and got a great response of gratitude that would have never been expected. That just shows that so many people love to know that they are even just being thinked of. I wanted to just say I hope that everyone can find at least someone to make their holiday just alittle bit sweeter, even if they just drop of some homemade cookies. I know that I will be doing what I can to make someone feel loved this holiday.

I am so thankful for this holiday season and what it represents. I think that we sometimes really forget what this time year really means or what we are celebrating. I hope that everyone has a great holiday and remembers to think of Jesus Christ on his birthday. I always to try to just happy birthday on that day, such a alittle reminder of what I am really celebrating.


Jarod & Jamie said...

I am in the can't find the Christmas spirit this year either. And i have heard this from a lot of other people. I wonder what is happening.

Harvey Family said...

Well we hope you get a little happier soon! We are looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend. Remember to bring pillows. We have tons of blankets but not many pillows. Have a safe drive and we will see you all Saturday.