Thursday, December 8, 2011

Catch up part 2

We haven't alot going on but there have been some fun things that happened. I have had a birthday and turned the BIG 30! George has also had a birthday he turned 33! We both just had our families over for dinner and cake (mom's homemade cake, which is the best). We also lost our beloved grandpa Allred on September 1st, he was such a great man. I really enjoyed getting to know him over the past 12 years. Then for those of you that don't know Chase was released on a medical release and came home a little early. Mom, dad and I drove to California and back in two days. The family (mom, dad, George, Chase and I) took the saturday after Chase got home we drove up to surprise grandma and grandpa Harvey. The look on there face was pricless. The last thing that we have happen is we have added a couple of new members to the family. We have a couple of new dogs they are dachshunds which are really alot differnt then the two poodles, but alot of fun there personalities are so much fun. I have included some fun pictues under this update. I hope you enjoy.

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