Friday, February 4, 2011

I can't believe that we are already 4 days into February. I was going to a fun idea that I saw on the a website that I have found and that was going to write note or do something special each day for George. Needless to say it has been a bust. I had a work meeting on the first that I had to go Salt Lake for and I left the night before, then I found out he leaves for a week this Sunday. The reason for this post is that we will be 100% finished of being moved in (fingers crossed) and so I want to do something really special and memerable for the big v-day and I need suggestions. That is where you all come in. By the way if your looking for cheap but fun date night ideas check out the ladies at


DJCannon said...

I was going to suggest ! Plus gourmet mom-on-the-go has some great V-day recipe ideas for a really special meal.

Charly said...

What I am doing this year is I am making a fun fancy multi-course dinner for my hubby and my boys. I am going to use the "fancy china" as my boys say, Get candles and put on the table, and wrap the chairs in red tulle, and going to make a fun valentine dessert for each of them. The only reason I am doing that is; we will be in Mesquite a few days later. I am sure you will do something great.