Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello World

I have been thinking that I really need to update everyone on our very boring life. However it has been so busy with things like cleaning out George grandpa's house so that we can move in doing projects around our house and getting ready for me to have surgery on my arm.

Cleaning out grandpa's house has been fun, hard, exhausting you get so many mixed emotions going through someone else's stuff and you feel like you are invading their privacy. However it has to be done. I just know that George and I are going to continue our tradition of going through things and getting rid of things that we don't use. Now that we have it all cleaned out of the things that we are getting rid of, we have pulled up all the carpet to get it replaced, we know have to replace everything in the both bathrooms. We have gotten the outside fruit room cleaned out so that if it falls this winter there isn't anything in there. That is what is going on over there we are slowly but surely getting it ready to move into.

Our house we have been remodeling the spare bathroom we had to replace the bath tub so then we replaced the floor and did some painting. We have also changed the skirting and replacing the floor in one of the bedrooms and our bathroom.

On to my surgery. First of all when I was younger I broke my left arm and it was never set the right way needless to say I will never have a straight arm it is always going to be deformed but that is not what the surgery is for it just kinda explains why I am having problems. I have been having pain in my arm and having some numbing needless to say we found out I have a pinched nerve and so know we are having to have the doctor go in and cut me open (in my arm) and move my nerve and cut some of the bone away so that it won't pinch that nerve anymore. I am going to have the surgery on November 24th (yes that is the day before Thanksgiving) I just can't wait to pain free and be able to sleep again.

As soon as life slows down I will try and keep all you loyal blog stockers updated.

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Tanya said...

owwwww!!!! I cannot imagine!!! OWWW!!!
the rest of the stuff- purging is nice, and can be fun. Other peoples things is a whole other story... :) And busy is always good!