Friday, July 24, 2009

What have the Harvey's been up to......

We have a very busy last couple of weeks. We have enjoyed that Jennifer and her entire family have been up here visiting we will surely miss them when they go back home.. We have had family picture taken (which haven't been done since i was 13 years old) We had 12 out of 13 in the picture, We missed you Jovi. We have also went to the local rec center that has a fun pool that the kids LOVED and didn't want to leave. We have watch Jacob play softball. We have also bought a new car and LOVE it. Kamille and I went to Lagoon with Carol and her kids and had a blast (even tho Carol and Hailey are really the only ones that rode most of the rides. We were able to go to the traveling wall that came through town. We went and watched the fly over of the F-16 in the fourth of July parade. We went the rodeo. I think that this about sums it up. I have included either one or two pictures so beware of the picture over load.

The Picture that we are getting of George and I!

Our goofy picture of my family or should say this us everyday!

Angie at Jacob's game, smile Ang!

This is the traveling wall that came to make a visit in Vernal!

Jada swimming!

Zane dumping water on Zadabell

My new car!

Lobo and Kamille at the fourth of July Weekend.

Carol and Hailey on the Sky Coaster at Lagoon!

Carol and her kids (Payton and Hailey) waiting in line!

jada at the Rodeo!

The F-16 fly over at the fourth of July parade

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Meg said...

You had so much fun, Your family is getting so big. Missed you on the 4th in Clarkston. Cute new car.