Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's been happening at the Harvey's

We have had some great and fun exciting things happening around our house. Okay not George and I. We still just work and then come home and get up the next day and start over. However we my little sister rolled her car on Saturday and she walked away with 4 scratches and some bruises, the car on the other hand didn't survive. We also had some birthday's this month and we hope that mom and Jaron had a great day on their birthday!

These are picture's from Kamille's accident her phone didn't make it. She said she had a EMT in training right behind her that stopped and then the tow truck in front that called 911. The cuts on her hand are the only scratches she received she didn't even need stitches. I am so glad she had someone watching over her.

Jaron celebrated his birthday on June 17th. We hope he had a great day!

Mom celebrated her birthday on June 13th. We hope she had great day as well!


Tanya said...

oh my heck!!! Wow. Glad she's ok...that's crazy!

yenisel said...

hey my birthday is the same day but in july