Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a weekend...

What a long weekend... We went over to Lapoint and helped mom and dad around their house and also grandpa and grandma Allred's house.. I helped mom can some peach jam, and then we went over and helped and spent some time with grandma and grandpa at the Care Center. Meanwhile George, dad and Chase got a new porch built and put on at grandma and grandpa's house... It looks so good.

Grandma is doing okay she still has good and bad days.. She loves to have visitors and so we try and stop by as much as we can.

Grandpa is doing okay as well he also has good and bad days.. He really enjoys company and you can always find grandpa at grandma's side. He is telling us all kinds of stories when we visit it is so much fun to listen to them.


Harvey Family said...

glad you guys can spend some time with grandma and grandpa. send them our love!

Ben and Marcie said...

I like your new blog layout! It's way cute. Glad you had a fun weekend. Grandparents are the best!